Nursing Home Abuse and Negligence

A nursing home can often be a place of healing for our elders, whether the ailment is physical or psychological. Sadly, in recent years, several nursing homes have come to be places of fear and abuse. To avoid such horrible circumstances and ensure that the residents of a nursing home are given their statutory rights, a nursing home abuse attorney comes into the picture.

It is essential to realize that abuse at a nursing home often goes beyond physical or verbal abuse. Most professionals who work as an attorney for nursing home abuse report cases across California where residents are used for sexual gratification. In some cases, they are even manipulated to pay or gift money to their abusers.

Nursing home abuse is a difficult area of work for legal professionals. That is why it is always vital to go with the best. We at the Valentine Law Group assign a dedicated nursing home negligence lawyer to every case on behalf of our clients. These cases often include not just improper diagnosis but also infrequent check-ins and leaving bed sores untreated. Our team takes care of all issues about nursing home neglect Orange County. We also walk the extra mile and collect feedback from a personal injury lawyer in our team to strengthen your lawsuit against the nursing home.

So, if you see a patient suffering in the hands of a care facility, it is time that you reach out to Valentine Law Group for a lawyer for nursing home negligence Orange County. By letting us fight for your rights, you will not just ensure that the nursing home is brought to justice but also that no innocent elderly person suffers abuse at their hands.

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