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COVID-19 Nursing Home Neglect Attorney Orange CountyThe Coronavirus (COVID-19) caught most of us by surprise.  However, on March 16, 2020 Governor Gavin Newsome issued an executive order directing state health and social services agencies to redirect resources and staff to care facilities for seniors and the developmentally disabled to provide technical assistance support and assistance to promote compliance with core health and safety requirements for caregivers and residents.  By that date, families were no longer allowed to visit the elderly, sick, or infirm in these facilities.  While these visitation limitations were necessary in these circumstances, sadly, they eliminated a very important check and balance system which historically had proven to be crucial in monitoring and ensuring the health and safety of residents of these facilities.

We can all agree that many healthcare workers have been nothing short of heroic in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic.  However, many facilities were ill-equipped, under-prepared and understaffed to deal with this crisis.  Many facilities had long histories of poor performance in relation to infection control, staffing, and obtaining necessary supplies such as personal protective equipment (“PPE”).  Under both state and federal laws, facilities caring for our vulnerable populations are required to maintain appropriate levels of staffing and to meet many other regulatory requirements which could help avoid unnecessary Coronavirus infections.  For example, facilities should ensure their staff are wearing PPE, practicing social distancing, sanitizing all public spaces, and assuring that staffing is adequate in quality and quantity to meet all of the needs of their residents.

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Covid-19 Nursing Home Neglect in Orange County


Unfortunately, the Coronavirus pandemic has brought to light instances in which our most vulnerable citizens have been abandoned by those who not only promised to care for them, but who were also being paid to do so.  Investigations by state and government officials have revealed facilities which were not complying with basic requirements for PPE, sanitization, and social distancing.  Moreover, these investigations have also found many instances in which vulnerable residents are being deprived of food, water, toileting, and other care to meet even their most basic needs.

Not every resident who has contracted COVID-19 has been the subject of negligence, abuse or neglect.  There are many facilities that are doing everything in their power to protect their residents.  If, however, a facility is subjecting residents to being displaced or subjecting them to injury or death due to the operator’s failure to provide for the basic needs of the residents, that facility should be held responsible and accountable.  Valentine Law Group is committed to holding failing facilities responsible and accountable. If you believe that you have a case, contact our office today

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